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Beans An icon showing a coffee bean.

Sourced and roasted for character

Our approach to sourcing and roasting is defined by our passion for flavor and character. Each of our three genres has different flavor goals. Throughout the year, as harvests come and go, these genres offer a curated experience of the coffees we source.

Genre 1


Foundation An icon for our foundation genre coffee.

This genre represents the foundation of specialty coffee and the third wave movement. Clean, aromatic coffee with sweetness and quality.

$15 per 250g bag

Genre 2


Discovery An icon for our discovery genre coffee.

These are exciting and expressive coffees: different varieties and explorative processing provide you with varied and distinctive flavor profiles.

$15 per 250g bag

Genre 3


Rare An icon for our rare genre coffee.

The marvels of the coffee world. Rare and exclusive lots that showcase the most sought-after cup profiles.

$20 per 150g bag


Decaffeinated An icon for our decaffeinated coffee.

Delicious coffee without the caffeine. Complex and characterful speciality coffees curated for decaffeination.

$15 per 250g bag

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