Capsule An icon showing a coffee capsule.

Expertly prepared coffee, captured in time

The role of the barista is complex and skilled. Utilising the very best Nespresso® compatible technology, we source and roast fresh beans, then precisely grind and dose the coffee into oxygen-free capsules. Using this technology, we are your barista.

Genre 1


Foundation An icon for our foundation genre coffee.

This genre represents the foundation of specialty coffee and the third wave movement. Clean, aromatic coffee with sweetness and quality.

$0.80per capsule

Genre 2


Discovery An icon for our discovery genre coffee.

These are exciting and expressive coffees: different varieties and explorative processing provide you with varied and distinctive flavor profiles.

$0.80 per capsule

Genre 3


Rare An icon for our rare genre coffee.

The marvels of the coffee world. Rare and exclusive lots that showcase the most sought-after cup profiles.

$1.20 per capsule

All 3 genres

All An icon for all three genres.

Enjoy the whole range. Receive a mixed box that includes each of our three genres.

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Colonna Labs

Compostable An icon for compostable capsules.

Compostable Nespresso® compatible capsules are now available in ‘Short’ format.

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Decaffeinated An icon for our decaffeinated coffee.

Delicious coffee without the caffeine. Complex and characterful speciality coffees curated for decaffeination.

$0.80 per capsule

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Taster Pack

Our taster pack presents you with four capsules from each of our genres. Explore the flavor of the coffees we source and curate.


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