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Variations in the type of coffee plant grown or the method with which the coffee is dried can dramatically alter flavor characteristics. This genre celebrates the diversity and expressive flavor made possible by these distinctions.

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As the harvesting seasons change, the coffees in each Genre change. We try to showcase a new coffee in each Genre every 6 weeks.

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Our current discovery beans

Debeka Natural

A fruit-forward, full flavoured cup from this Natural Ethiopian lot.

Cultivated on the private farm of Debeka, in Oromia, Ethiopia, this natural Mundo Novo lot from producer Israel Degfa is a testament to what can be achieved with highly focused farming practices. Initially grown under a sprawling one-hectare greenhouse with computer controlled agronomic practices in place, this profile is the second harvest from an ongoing experiment around disease-resistant crops.

With only 180 raised beds and just one hundred staff during harvest, this is one of Israel Degfa’s smallest projects, allowing for meticulous attention to detail. The care that has been taken with this naturally processed offering is certainly evident in this high-quality cup.