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Variations in the type of coffee plant grown or the method with which the coffee is dried can dramatically alter flavor characteristics. This genre celebrates the diversity and expressive flavor made possible by these distinctions.

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As the harvesting seasons change, the coffees in each Genre change. We try to showcase a new coffee in each Genre every 6 weeks.

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Our current discovery beans

Maria Rosa Oidor

We are thrilled to return to Finca Los Nogales, the farm of Maria Rosa Oidor and her husband Antonio, in the beautiful hills of San Antonio, Western Colombia. Today, Maria’s entire family is deeply involved in the industry, with her eldest son now a well known producer in his own right, and her younger inheriting part of the family farm.

The quality of this Tabi, Caturra and Colombia washed lot is, in-part, a result of a collaboration with Pergamino, the export partner of the region, who have provided funding for a small warehouse and cupping lab in connection with the family. From establishing this central hub the cup results of Maria's coffees, and others across the region, continue to soar.

Juicy and sweet, expect notes of green apple, elderflower and cane sugar.