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Variations in the type of coffee plant grown or the method with which the coffee is dried can dramatically alter flavor characteristics. This genre celebrates the diversity and expressive flavor made possible by these distinctions.

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As the harvesting seasons change, the coffees in each Genre change. We try to showcase a new coffee in each Genre every 6 weeks.

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Our current discovery beans


Located in the Gedeo zone of southern Ethiopia’s Gedeb district, the wet mill of Chelbesa is presenting specialty lots of an astonishing quality for such a young prospect.

The region’s farms enjoy an incredibly fertile soil type, rich in iron with a high acidity content. Realising the site’s incredible potential the mill was established in 2019 to act as a processing hub exclusive to the immediate area, with ceramic holding tanks used to bring clarity to the coffee and quicken fermentation times.

This washed Dega and Wolisha lot is especially sweet and floral, with notes of honeysuckle, nectarine and melon.