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Delicious coffee without the caffeine. Complex and characterful speciality coffees curated for decaffeination.

Decaf Beans
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Decaf beans only available for espresso.

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1 × 250g Decaf Espresso Beans

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As the harvesting seasons change, the coffees in each Genre change. We try to showcase a new coffee in each Genre every 6 weeks.

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Our current decaf beans

Muraho Decaf

For our latest decaf offering we are travelling to the Nyamasheke District of Rwanda, and the Muraho co-operative, showcasing a natural-CO2 processed Red Bourbon washed lot.

The decaffeination process used for this coffee has been refined to an incredibly high standard, with green beans soaked to increase porosity, and then pressurised. Introduced CO2 transforms to a liquid state, binding to caffeine compounds, and with further CO2 processing the beans are left with a maximum 0.1% caffeine content, retaining high flavour and aroma compounds.

With leaps forward in control and a far sharper focus on quality for decaffeinated coffee, this lot is a showcase of what can be achieved. We’re enjoying a citrusy, tangy acidity in the cup with a syrupy mouthfeel.