Foundation An icon for our foundation genre coffee. Discovery An icon for our discovery genre coffee. Rare An icon for our rare genre coffee. Decaffeinated An icon for our decaffeinated coffee.

Taster Pack

Our taster pack allows you to sample each of our genres, as well as our decaf coffee. We love this pack, it really showcases the variety and character of the coffee we source and prepare. The pack contains 16 capsules: 4 x Foundation, 4 x Discovery, 4 x Rare, and 4 x decaf.

Maybe you’ll have a favourite genre or maybe you’d like to keep exploring with a subscription to all three genres + decaf.

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Taster Pack


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How this works

The coffee we select for each genre changes as coffee harvests come and go. Information about the current coffee we have selected for each genre will be included in the taster pack box.

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All of our orders are roasted and shipped from the UK. Your postage fees will be calculated at checkout.

A taster pack will fit nicely through your letterbox.

Capsule An icon showing a coffee capsule.

Nespresso® compatible

For best results we recommend using the Breville Creatista Plus or the Breville Pixie.

Which type?

Short Capsule

Short capsules

An intense espresso inspired beverage. The short capsules are complex and full flavored, accompanied by a clean and creamy texture. Recommended shot weight 25g.

Long Capsule

Long capsules

A filter style shot. The long capsules are more elegant and light, showcasing the bright juicy characteristics of our coffees. Recommended shot weight 65g.

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If you love milk in coffee we recommend combining our short capsule with steamed or warmed milk. Our long capsules produce a delicate, filter-like coffee which is best experienced without milk.