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The world of coffee is like a pyramid. All of the coffee that Colonna selects and curates sits right up the top of that pyramid. The coffees in this genre are the glint at the very tip of the apex. These coffees are sought after and by their very nature are in short supply.

Rare Capsules

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As the harvesting seasons change, so do the coffees in each Genre. We celebrate this seasonality by showcasing a variety of coffees in our capsules throughout the year.

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Short Capsule

Short capsules

An intense espresso beverage — bright and complex with a full-bodied intensity. Recommended shot weight 25g.

Long Capsule

Long capsules

A filter-style shot — elegant and light, showcasing a coffee’s delicate characteristics. Recommended shot weight 80g.

Our aluminium capsules are Nespresso® compatible and fully-recyclable.

Current rare genre capsules We currently have a different coffee for each rare capsule type.

Short Capsule Short


Pedro Zuniga is a veteran Colombian coffee producer farming incredible Geishas. Grown in the Huila Department, this Geisha lot has been double-fermented before being washed — first in the cherry and then after removing the fruit. This detailed processing technique imparts a tart fruitiness to the cup, but retains the floral aromatics that make the Geisha variety so special.

Delicate and nuanced — expect notes of lemon and rose, giving way to toffee on the finish.

Long Capsule Long


Hartmann Estate is at the forefront of specialty coffee — progressive and quality-driven — and this natural process Maragogype perfectly demonstrates the result of their dedication. We’re huge fans of this coffee and are thrilled to welcome it back to the Rare genre this season.

Lush and complex, expect pineapple acidity and sweet grape upfront, with notes of tonic and spice on the finish.

Try Foundation

Balanced, clean and complex — the building blocks of speciality coffee. Experience the Foundation Genre with 20 of our all-new aluminium capsules.


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