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The world of coffee is like a pyramid. All of the coffee that Colonna selects and curates sits right up the top of that pyramid. The coffees in this genre are the glint at the very tip of the apex. These coffees are sought after and by their very nature are in short supply.

Rare Capsules

We're currently low on stock for these capsules, but we're expecting more soon. If you choose to order them, please anticipate a slight delay in shipping your order. Sorry! We don't have enough capsules in stock to fulfill that quantity. Register to be notified when these capsules are available again.

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How this works

We select one special coffee at a time to showcase in each genre. As the coffee harvesting seasons change and new lots arrive at the roastery we change the coffee we are showcasing. Coffees change every 5-8 weeks and information about which coffee we’ve selected is included on each box of capsules you receive.

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All of our orders are roasted and shipped from the UK. Your postage fees will be calculated at checkout.

40 capsules will fit nicely through your letterbox. For larger orders our courier will ring your doorbell.

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Nespresso® compatible

For best results we recommend using the Breville Creatista Plus or the Breville Pixie.

Which type?

Short Capsule

Short capsules

An intense espresso inspired beverage. The short capsules are complex and full flavored, accompanied by a clean and creamy texture. Recommended shot weight 25g.

Long Capsule

Long capsules

A filter style shot. The long capsules are more elegant and light, showcasing the bright juicy characteristics of our coffees. Recommended shot weight 65g.

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If you love milk in coffee we recommend combining our short capsule with steamed or warmed milk. Our long capsules produce a delicate, filter-like coffee which is best experienced without milk.

Current rare genre capsules We currently have a different coffee for each rare capsule type.

Short Capsule Short

La Granja Pacamara

La Granja is a small farm in Colombia’s Huila department — a region known for some of the origin’s highest scoring coffees. Producer Aldemar Calderon uses this 20 hectare farm as a personal laboratory, meticulously cultivating a collection of interesting and unusual varietals — and we think his 2018 washed Pacamara is the the pick of the bunch.

Fruit notes of grape and red apple abound, with hints of blackcurrant leaf completing a complex, fruit-forward cup.

Long Capsule Long

Vitaliano Merino

As an origin, Ecuador is evolving — with a greater push towards flavour focused, high-scoring microlots. Our new award-winner from farmer Vitaliano Merino — grown on just 7 hectares — sits at the forefront of this new movement. It’s the first Ecuadorian offering we’ve featured at Colonna — and a fitting addition to the Rare genre.

Expect notes of nectarine, white grape and guava from Vitaliano Merino, towards a milk chocolate finish.