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The coffees curated in the foundation genre are balanced and clean. They will be complex with low bitterness and a pleasing acidity. Flavor like this can only be achieved by growing the right coffee in the right place and paying meticulous attention to detail during the harvesting process.

Foundation Capsules

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As the harvesting seasons change, so do the coffees in each Genre. We celebrate this seasonality by showcasing a variety of coffees in our capsules throughout the year.

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Short Capsule

Short capsules

An intense espresso beverage — bright and complex with a full-bodied intensity. Recommended shot weight 25g.

Long Capsule

Long capsules

A filter-style shot — elegant and light, showcasing a coffee’s delicate characteristics. Recommended shot weight 80g.

Our aluminium capsules are Nespresso® compatible and fully-recyclable.

Current foundation genre capsules We currently have a different coffee for each foundation capsule type.

Short Capsule Short

Kilimbi, Rwanda

One of only two washing stations granted approval for honey and natural processing in Rwanda by NAEB, we are excited to now showcase a washed lot from this pioneering farm. With drying beds stretched across the high elevation plains, the coffee has maximum exposure to airflow and sunlight as it dries.

The latest offering in our short Foundation capsules, expect notes of orange, marzipan and vanilla.

Earlier in the year Northern Rwanda was struck with devastating floods and landslides. The purchase of this lot allows a donation to relief efforts through our importer and their partners - for more information or to donate please visit -

Long Capsule Long

Kilenso Mokonisa, Ethiopia

Hailing from the famous Sidamo region of South Western Ethiopia, the co-op of Kilenso Mokonisa has flourished as part of the Oromia Coffee Farmers Union. Pilot schemes to combat the effects of climate change in the region have been established, aiming to improve conditions and income for farmers in the years to come.

Each year 80,000 carefully nurtured seedlings are added to their precious Heirloom crop with farmers planting enset, or 'false banana', as an intercrop to keep moisture in the soil and provide water during the dry season.

In our latest Foundation Long capsules, the cup is sweet and juicy, with notes of red grape, cashew and cocoa.

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Balanced, clean and complex — the building blocks of speciality coffee. Experience the Foundation Genre with 20 of our all-new aluminium capsules.


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