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Compostable Capsules

Colonna Labs has been working hard to achieve perfect and consistent extraction with our compostable capsules. We now offer two distinctive examples of this exciting technology.

Compostable Capsules

Compostable capsules only available in short.

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40 × Compostable Americas Capsules

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We're currently low on stock for these capsules, but we're expecting more soon. If you choose to order them, please anticipate a slight delay in shipping your order. Sorry! We don't have enough capsules in stock to fulfill that quantity.

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Short Capsule

Short capsules

An intense espresso beverage — bright and complex with a full-bodied intensity. Recommended shot weight 25g.

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El Mirador

Sitting at the heart of Los Volcanes National Park is the fully-organic rainforest farm, El Mirador. This Pacamara lot was shade-grown in rich, volcanic soil, amongst a dazzling variety of flora and fauna that has bloomed in the region since the last eruption in 2006.Sweet fruit notes begin the cup with blackberry and green apple – leading to caramel and bakers chocolate on the finish.



The Sasaba washing station sits at the end of a treacherous mountain road, high up in Ethiopia's famous Guji Zone The station is supplied by a small group of local farmers, most with less than 15 trees each. Getting coffee out of Sasaba is incredibly difficult, requiring specialised off-road vehicles to navigate the rough terrain – but the results are well worth the trouble.

An excellent example of naturally processed Ethiopian coffee, Sasaba is citrusy and sweet – with notes of tangerine and dried strawberry, towards a smooth milk chocolate finish.